Overwhelmed with data – underwhelmed  with instantly actionable analytics?

Customer Lifetime Value Analytics in Real-Time - 99.3% Accuracy - Fast to Setup - Easy to Use - No Enterprise Budget Required...

Three Key Actionable Analytics

LTV Tracker tracks the lifetime value of your clients, with attribution back to originating campaign, marketing channel, specific ad, lead product, acquisition funnel, and so on.

The lifetime value is shown on a time scale – so that at any point of the campaign you can pinpoint its value – and identify precisely what is causing the numbers.

Money loves speed – and accurate - precision - instantly actionable analytics allows you to turn around tests and have many more iterations in a short timeframe - thus compounding the revenue and ROI growth as a result.

LTV Tracker is not interested in vanity metrics that are pretty but useless – that is, pretty useless in growing your business.

It only tracks the metrics that matter - provides instantly actionable analytics – is easy and fast to setup – and has tested 99.3% accuracy rate on data tracked.

Three key actionable analytics to
drive growth in your business...

The focus is on the THREE KEY ACTIONABLE ANALYTICS that drive growth in your client base, revenues, and profits ...

If you can generate more revenue from a client over their life with your business (LTV) than the cost to acquire them (CAC) - then you're running a profitable business.

What determines whether the LTV will be greater than the CAC - is the VIPs.

VIPs = Value Inflation Points - the touch-points in the marketing process that “inflate the value” added to the client, which leads to immediate and long-term profits being added to your business.

These are immediately actionable touch-points you can instantly influence based upon your data and analytics.

LTV Tracker will also show you many others metrics that will help drive down client acquisition costs, shorten the time to breakeven, increase your average cart size, and so on.

LTV Tracker lets you break down your marketing process and see its effectiveness at each step - so that you can figure out how to improve and become more profitable.

Extremely easy set-up and campaign funnel auto-detect...

To set up LTV Tracker – you use just one single pixel for ALL the campaigns for your business. You just place this single pixel on all marketing pages - that's it. No 57 settings to configure.

LTV Tracker connects DIRECTLY with your CRM system via their API. It pulls in from your CRM the REAL customer sales and revenue data, and then automatically matches it up to campaigns, channels, ads, products, funnels ...

... plus LTV Tracker auto-detects your campaign funnel and all it's moving parts (there's no need to painstakingly set them up in advance.)

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, LTV Tracker figures out the order people go through on all the pages that you have your pixel on. It's not necessary to specify the funnel and all the steps involved ahead of time.

You'll see a visual representation of your marketing campaign, and see how many people are making it to each page in your funnel.

And if you want to change anything in your campaigns mid-stream, no problem. Just make the changes and LTV Tracker will automatically adjust and track the results for you.

You can view your immediate, short-term, medium-term, and long-term LTV and ROI by campaign, by channel, by individual ad run, by product, by funnel configuration, and so on.

And these lifetime value calculations are based upon actual sales and revenue data. No guessing or estimating involved...

LTV Tracker uses UTM codes, pixels and cookies - and can retroactively build data that is missed if a pixel doesn't fire or cookies are not permitted - when the pixel on any later page in a funnel fires.

Unlike other analytics systems or marketing dashboards, LTV Tracker does not MIRROR your inaccurate data from other sources, and makes it look pretty...

... inaccurate data only messes with your ability to plan and scale campaigns.

An overwhelming amount of data – but very little insight (That’s NOT US!!)

LTV Tracker provides only the key actionable analytics that drive revenue and ROI growth - including data that's impossible to get in anything less than an enterprise system - or a full-time grunt worker slaving over spreadsheets.

Whether you are running paid traffic, or "free / content" traffic, it's still essential to track every revenue stream and the costs associated with it.

Even with "free / content" traffic, LTV Tracker can assign a value to each individual editor, writer, or contributor - and track the traffic that comes from their articles.

Then track the eventual sales, and track customer lifetime value.

This is quantifying the previously unquantifiable.

LTV Tracker can turn a whole army of content writers into a precisely trackable profitable making machine ...

With LTV Tracker, you have clarity and control over the profit generating process...

... but also over your cash flow planning process.  You can plan your campaigns on a weekly, monthly, or even on a daily basis – and you’ll know precisely where you stand with cash flow.

You’ll know when your marketing investment is coming back to you, and how fast you can reinvest to grow the revenues of the business.

Knowing precisely how much you can lose to acquire a customer, and how fast the money will return to you and then multiple – this puts you way ahead of your competitors.

You'll be building your business on purpose and with precision...

Running Your "Morning War Room" ...

Just imagine this scenario ...

Early morning "War Room" time - everyone sits down, and you pull up LTV Tracker on the big screen.

“Okay, here are the numbers,” everyone can see.  “Okay, we have this advertorial piece and it’s only got like a 7% click-through rate to go check out our video.”

"Okay, that seems like an obvious opportunity to improve.  Let’s make that better." And in the next War Room session, “Ok, we got a 15% click-through rate, we doubled it, great.  How do we double it again?”

“We’re paying a $1.85 per click.”  Well, that seems high.  Let’s fix that.”

And so on ...

When you get instant, rapid feedback and make immediate incremental improvements thanks to the instantly actionable data – growth happens fast.

A daily "War Room" situation is all about understanding your numbers and strategizing how to improve them.  Businesses are rewarded for delivering value to clients – and the RIGHT numbers tell the story on how to deliver more value.

With LTV Tracker, you can wake up in the morning, log into the system and know what's happening in your business, and FINALLY have complete control over your business's engine of growth.

Plus, you avoid the fate of a faltering business – or simply missed opportunities.

LTV Tracker delivers clarity and control over the profit generating process - with timely and actionable analytics that show with pinpoint precision how to grow your revenues and ROI...

The Metrics That Matter ...

LTV Tracker monitors for your campaigns:

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