"I just need to see my marketing metrics!"

Does this sound like a familiar and frustrating scenario?

You know you need the right metrics to grow your business.  But you can't afford an enterprise budget every month on a system to get them.

So let's say you run Facebook ads – the details may differ slightly – but I'm sure you'll related to this nightmare in trying to get metrics that "make sense":

Pull the spend data from Facebook, and that’s pretty easy.

Because some campaigns are opt-ins only, and others are making a sale - go into Infusionsoft or whatever CRM you use, and pull information on the lead sources.

FIRST BIG PROBLEM - Infusionsoft tracks this with “tags”, however the tags can get easily overwritten.

Export lead source data by day. Review the previous day’s data. Manual sort and remove the “noise” in the data. 10% to 20% of the time, the data is incorrect based upon the tag that was assigned to it. Manually investigate.

Combine the spend data and the response data into a spreadsheet. A NEW PROBLEM, Infusionsoft does not split out the data according to front-end sales and up-sells.

NEXT BIG PROBLEM – sometimes up-sells are the same price as front-end sale. Now we have a data debacle.

Go back into Infusionsoft and pull the order ID and then look at the different order IDs to figure out for each sale if it's a front-end sale or an up-sell. Massive manual task.

That taken care of, now compare the average cart value to the cost for acquisition.

AND ANOTHER BIG PROBLEM - the Facebook pixel is off 10% to 15% of the time, and if it's mobile, then a lot more than that.

Now take the Facebook ad spend – which is usually accurate, and compare it to the Infusionsoft spreadsheet of sales numbers - after digging through the order numbers.

And attempt to figure the true cost of client acquisition by just doing some spreadsheet magic.

Finally, compare those numbers to the ad spend, the CPA and average cart value numbers from the day before, week before, month before and so on.

And a FINAL BIG PROBLEM – there is no way to tag customers moving forward. So we can't assign future sales back to the originating campaign, ad channel, specific ad, and so on.

In other words, there really is no way to know for sure – what's producing results over the medium to long run.

The professional approach
to growing your business...

The difference between a business amateur, and a business professional.  The amateur launches his first campaign and one of two things happens:  The first is it works and he spends a dollar and makes a $1.25.

It's an unlikely scenario.  More likely, he puts a dollar and lose 50 cents. For a couple of days he psyches himself, but really feels sick to his stomach because his money is being set on fire.

Then he quits. End of story...

The professional - spends a dollar, makes 50 cents back and says, "Okay, let's look at all the different points in this campaign.”

Can we get our cost per click down?

Can we get our click through rate on our first page up?

Can we get more people to the order page?

Can we get more people take an up-sell?

And many other touch-points in the process that could be improved.  And the only way to know how and where to focus your energies – is by the metrics.

The instantly actionable analytics that drive business growth – and direct you on the precise actions you need to take to grow your revenues, and increase your ROI.

Who Really Wins the Marketing Game?

"He who is willing and able to outspend his competitors to acquire a customer will always win..."

A simple example illustrates:

Let’s say you’ve got widget A, and I got widget A+.  Mine is way better but I’m a lousy marketer. Your widget A is good, but you also know your marketing numbers.

You know that you can lose half your money on widget A because customers who buy widget A end up buying your other product line, which is widget D to F.

I don’t know my marketing numbers, and I need to make my money back and I want a little profit on day one.

If I spend $50 and make $60, I’m happy.  But you KNOW you can spend $100 for a $50 customer, because you know they’ll later buy another $150 on other widgets.

Since you know your numbers, you can spend $5,000 a day on your media budget – and know you'll make your money back and a profit.  You can totally outspend me and grab the majority of the market share.

And these things compound. Those people who buy widget A tell their friends that widget A is awesome and more people buy and it just compounds.

At the end of the day, you become a very large business.  You can mass produce this widget A and I become a poor artisan who produces really nice widget A+’s but make no money.

At the end of the day – it's the business person who KNOWS what they can spend to acquire a customer – and knows how to make that money back plus a profit – and has precision knowledge on what to fix and tweak in their marketing process ...

... that is the person who wins the marketing game.

You must have crystal clear clarity on the numbers of the business – and then be able to manipulate those numbers in order to engineer the right outcome.

Put in $1, generate $2 to $5.  These type of consistent, repeatable, and predictable results only come from precision control over the business.

What makes this possible?

Having instantly actionable analytics – which guide you with precision on what to tweak, test, and improve to continually be growing your revenues and increasing your ROI.

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